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Mandalay Dominions

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Agent: Steve Shefferly, CLCS
Phone: (303) 771-1800
Fax: (303) 290-0884
4600 S. Ulster St., 14th Floor
Denver, CO 80237

Mandalay Dominions

Mandalay Dominions is located at 1406 Elizabeth St. in the City & County of Denver, it consists of 1 building, 7 units, and developed in one phase. The Complex has no commercial space and units are held in fee simple. The Association was formed in June of 1979 after the units were converted from apartments into condominiums. The developer turned control of the Association over to an elected body of Homeowners in 1981. The Developer no longer has any control or ownership of any units or common areas. The Board today consists of 3 Members that have been elected or appointed to serve the entire Membership.

The Members are responsible to pay Homeowners Association fees, these fees are 250.00 per month, and the Association provides the following: Water, Heat, Trash, Common Area Insurance, and Maintenance to the Common Areas. If necessary, fees may be adjusted to cover the Association’s operating budget. Additionally, from time to time a Special Assessment may be imposed to the Members to cover Capital improvements or other needs the Association might have.

A charge of $250.00 is assessed as a transfer fee for each time a unit is sold or refinanced. Capital Reserves held by Owners should be collected from the Buyers at time of sale and credited to the Seller. The amount of the reserves should be obtained by the Seller from their settlement sheet.

The Associations Fiscal year ends December 31st of each year.