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Request & Research for Association Information

  • Request Regarding Homeowners Association Information

  • Owners must make the request using the form; “Request Regarding Homeowners Association Information” and must agree to the terms of the policy adopted by the Association. This request must be made in good faith and for a proper and legitimate purpose in regards to Association business only. A description with reasonable detail of what records are requested and why, must also be stated. Requested documents must be relevant to the unit owners stated purpose for the request, and shall not be used by any owner for any unrelated purpose other then the owner’s interest as an association member. The form must be signed and returned in writing to the management company to inspect the documents. Failure to agree and sign the form shall be valid grounds for denying the request. The documents will be made available in 5 Business days or at the earliest mutually acceptable date with the owner and the Management Company during regular business hours.

    Request for Homeowner Association records that pertain to the Association must me requested under the Associations policy on records/documents. A Research and Retrieving rate of $40.00 per hour billed in 15 minutes increments will be charged, in addition copies will be charged at 30 cents per page. The cost will be billed to the appropriate party according to the Associations policy.